Rules of the

Kanto International Development League

These are the rules for the 2019/20 season (Season 2). The rules will be reviewed by representatives of the core teams and revised season by season to reflect developments.

1. Match 


Matches will always have balanced teams, be at least 7-a-side and can be played at up to 15-a-side, depending on what is most appropriate according to overall player availability. If sufficient players are available to play 10-a-side, 12-a-side or ideally 15-a-side use of the fuller format is always encouraged.


Wherever possible a weakened team will be supported by available "loan players" from other teams to ensure they have 7 or more players. The overarching aim is that the games are played. Essentially the total numbers of players available to play are split and two balanced teams play; i.e Team A has 10 players & Team B has 18. The game will be 14-a-side with Team B loaning Team A 4 players. The result of the match stands, with league points awarded and loaning of players rewarded with 0.5 bonus points per player (2 bonus points to Team B).


Sides being on the end of heavy defeats is counter-productive to enjoyable rugby. Subsequently new and developing players can be lost to the game. Therefore, once a side achieves a score of 50 or more ahead of their opponents, (i.e. 57-6) the score will "freeze" and the referee will give the captain of the losing side the option of ending the game or continuing to the end of normal time.


Match length will be be dependent on format (7s, 10s 15s) and duration of ground availability.


“Rolling substitutes” can be played if both sides agree.


If either side feels they will be significantly disadvantaged “Rolling Substitutes” will not be played.


Each team should provide a touch judge.


The participating teams' Managers shall be responsible for informing the referee of the rules and regulations of the competition which effect playing a given match, especially those referring to format (7s, 10s 15s), uncontested scrums, team numbers, replacements and “rolling" substitutes.


Otherwise, matches shall be played under the Laws of World Rugby and shall comply with the appropriate bylaws, resolutions and regulations of the JRFU.


2. League 


In the case that the league commences with 4 teams, these teams will be scheduled to play each other twice, making 6 matches per team and a total of 12 matches in the league competition.


Regular Points:

Win – 4 points 

Lose – 1 point 

Draw – 2 points 


Bonus Points:

Lose by 7 points or less – 1 bonus point 

Score 4 trys or more – 1 bonus point

Loan Player - 0.5 bonus points per player, up to a maximum of 2 points per game.


In the first instance, every opportunity must be given to get the matches played. However, if a team is unable to fulfill fixtures, a 20-0 win, without bonus points, will be the result (4 league points to the team they were due to play). In case of any dispute the administrator may seek guidance from the representatives of the "Core Teams, but the administrator's decision will be final.



3. Discipline


Players will be disciplined in the normal manner by the awarding of red and yellow cards. Spectators and team officials will also be subject to discipline powers of the match official. The administrator reserves the right to penalise a team by deducting league points.


In all matches any decision taken by the appointed match official shall be final and binding insofar as the Laws of the Game are concerned.



4. Administration


The league shall be supervised by an appointed KIDL administrator.


The administrator update the table and make such decisions, as deemed appropriate, to run an efficient and fair competition. 


The Administrator shall have the power to alter or amend these rules and regulations, when necessary, but will advise and seek comment from all participating clubs of changes, if appropriate.


Each club accepted as a member of the league must appoint at least one ‘representative’ to act as their manager. The manager will be contactable by e-mail and WhatsApp.  This will ease the work load of the administrator and ensure that effective communication exists between all clubs and the league.


It is also important that the Liaison Officers act as the information link within their own clubs.



5. Participation


Teams may apply to participate in the league. Applying teams will be assessed to determine league suitability.


This assessment will be based on: 


Relative strength compared to other participants.

Suitability in relation to the league's aims.

Possibility of supporting/obstructing development of all teams involved and the league itself.

Any other factors league administration deem appropriate.


Please be aware that a league registration fee will apply. This is greatly reduced in the case of teams being able to provide a venue for matches.


6. Scheduling


The administrator shall draw up the ground availability schedule for the coming season. This document will be shared with participating teams to allow them to indicate on which of the match days they are able to participate.


Any request to re-arrange fixtures must be referred to the administrator. Re-arranging a game after commencement of the league  is unlikely to be possible.  


The league shall be responsible for organising referees and paying referees' expenses. 


All matches shall be played between mid-September and late March each season. The last date for playing league matches each season shall be advised by the administrator so that final results can be published and games are not scheduled on dates allocated to or KIDL Select XV preparation and fixtures.